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Danmotech Limited Equipment

Equipment Leasing

We sell and Lease Equipment of varying capacity for civil works, Oil & gas work, Salvage & Disposal work, including Transportation in both Land and sea

Danmotech Limited

Sales & Services

We also provide full catering services, Laundry Services, Manufacturing of treated Water Bottles and Production of Building Paints and Accessories

Danmotech Limited

Building Construction

We have widespread experience in the construction of world class architectural edifices as part of our core competence, differentiating us from our competitors

What Sets Us apart

Our Mission

Committed To Ensuring Continuity & Sustainability

Our Mission is to Sustainably Maintain the oil and gas world needed for both habitual and non habitual environment

Our Core Principles

As part of our core principles, we believe in the following

Respect for the People
Financial Transparency
Respect for free competition
Fighting corruption & fraud

In order to comply with optimum industrial safety, we ensure that our projects are implemented only after an extensive risk assessment has been carried out by our team. We also work on preventing risks to the barest minimum at least if not holistically, using the ALARP approach.

Danmotech Limited
Danmotech Limited
Danmotech Limited
Danmotech Limited

Our Commitment

Committed To Following Best Practices

At Danmotech Limited we are committed to follow global best practices in ensuring prompt delivery of project and optimum client satisfaction at all times

We Deliver Excellent Services

Danmotech Limited
Danmotech Limited
Danmotech Limited
Danmotech Limited

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