About Us

About Us

About Us

We Are a one of the Leaders in Flow line Construction & Engineering Services

DANMOTECH LIMITED is one of the peculiar and most leading organization in flow line
constructions, oil field services, not limited to oil spill recovery and evacuation as well as Engineering Services, procurement, civil Engineering Services and constructions.
Installation of pipelines and complex project, onshore and offshore in the competitive oil and gas market.

Code of Conduct

We conduct our activities, businesses and operations in line with the values, virtues and
principles set out in our code of conduct. The code of conduct was introduced in 1997, which provided the platform for business principles and rules of individual behavior for
all employees.

High Level Risk Management

Because risk is inherent in all our varying industrial activities, risk management is one of our core priorities. Prevention is the foundation of our approach, if not holistically, but
at least as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Exhibiting Sustainability Virtue

Sustainability and continuity remains the company most valued assets. At Danmotech Limited, we engage our business and services superlatively while
stakeholder’s interest are protected


Successfully Completed Projects


Clients & Counting


Hours of service


Years of experience

We Follow Best Practices

We are committed to follow the best and acceptable global best practices as well as respect and protect the interest of all stakeholders in all our operations

Danmotech Limited
Danmotech Limited
Danmotech Limited
Danmotech Limited

Our Mission

Committed To Ensuring Continuity & Sustainability

Our Mission is to Sustainably Maintain the oil and gas world needed for both habitual and non habitual environment

Our Core Principles

As part of our core principles, we believe in the following

Respect for the People
Financial Transparency
Respect for free competition
Fighting corruption & fraud

We Deliver Excellent Services

Danmotech Limited
Danmotech Limited
Danmotech Limited
Danmotech Limited
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